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You might be at the absolute beginning of your search, and wondering what a business mortgage really is.

How is a commercial mortgage different than a regular mortgage?

Well, at the very basic level, a business mortgage is for financing the purchase of commercial real estate property, instead of residential property.

While a business and a residential mortgage are pretty similar, there are a few things we need to straighten out.

Benefits of a Business Mortgage

Reasonable Interest Rates

The interest rates attached to most business mortgage are very good. Banks are competing for customers, so they are obligated to offer a deal which is at least in line with what their competitors are offering.

The Profits Will be All Yours

Most business owners take out a business mortgage because they want to expand their business or push it in a new direction. This means that they want to make it more profitable.

They’re Convenient and Easy to Access

It’s easy to get in contact with your bank and talk to them about the possibility of taking out a business mortgage. This convenience and ease of access is something that can be really good for businesses.